African Print - Evening Wear

Ssanyu S

Posted on January 23 2018

African Evening wear has taken the world by storm.

Women are no longer getting their dresses made in conventional material, but have decided to apply African print material to beautiful haute couture. African prints are already known for their intricate detailing pattern work and colours, and although African prints can be added to an ordinary evening gown design, designers have taken it upon themselves to design evening wear that enhances the African print. Most African print evening dresses are very eccentric, bold, daring, loud and completely embodies the characteristics of the material. A lot of designers have combined embroidery, lace and jewels to enhance the entire look of the African Inspired Evening Dresses.

The goal when wearing African evening wear is to enhance the beauty of the woman who has chosen to wear the beautiful garment. The garment's main purpose is to celebrate the beauty of whoever wears it.


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  • Zandrea Jupiter Ivey: September 03, 2019

    I am interested in purchasing this dress, but I need it in royal blue and gold. Could this be done? What is the price?

  • Asimjofa: September 23, 2018

    Asimjofa Thompson, and Shona joy amongst many others layout clothes which might be particular in every experience. Be it their cuts and paperwork, fabric, design patterns, preference of colours or the gildings that they use, they ensure that their designer clothing provides volumes to a woman’s persona.

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