African fashion bloggers that you should be following

Ssanyu S

Posted on February 22 2018

Africa is a melting pot of traditions, culture, people, food and fashion. For the best fashion advice, events and trends look no further. We have compiled a list of the African Fashion bloggers you should be following. Make sure you follow them on Instagram, and on their various other social media pages. 


Kwena Baloyi

Instagram handle: kwenasays

Kwena Baloyi is a South African born stylist that has taken the World by storm. Her diverse style and fashion are her trademark fashion statements. Her hairstyles have become her trademark accessory. Kweena often makes use of modern styled garments that are often applied in beautiful African Garments. She constantly applies her unique African Aesthetic to Eurocentric outfits. 


Lee Litumbe

Instagram handle: spiritedpursuit

Lee Litumbe is a Cameroonian born travel blogger, currently living abroad. Lee is a self taught photographer and has taught herself how to capture the beauty and essence of a culture. Her images beautifully capture the narrative of whatever area she finds herself in. Although Lee is known for a travel photography she beautifully composes herself in the majority of her images, which she beautifully styles herself in. She has definitely redefined "African" fashion, and has applied the"African" characteristics to her outfit combinations, by making use of things like strong colour, pattern and texture patterns. She constantly embraces colours that enhance the tone of her skin. Lee has shown us that you do not need to wear African material to dress like an African. She has shown us that being African can be applied into everyday attire. 


Lamich Kirabo

Instagram handle: lamick kirabo

Ugandan born and raised Lamich Kirabo created Third Local in November of 2015 was a hope to fill a gap I felt was huge when it came to quality content and information about the fashion and lifestyle brands based in Africa or by African creative directors. Third Local has over the years grown  to work  with a plethora of fashion and lifestyle brands in the continent and internationally, working with some of the continents top fashion weeks, and fashion events.

Now based in Paris, France Lamic Kirabo works to provide authentic and conscious content for the young individual across the world seeking a less harsh more purposeful fashion story.



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