Afropunk festival

Ssanyu S

Posted on January 01 2018

The Afropunk Festival is an annual arts festival that celebrates and unifies the cultural cornerstones of AFROPUNK through music, film, skate, and art.

The AFROPUNK culture refers to the participation of African Americans and other black people in the punk and alternative music cultures, especially in the United States, where this scene had been overwhelmed by whites.

Afropunk festival is known for its african street fashion, and has become something that street photographers, and fashion magazines look forward to, because of the cute african dress and skirtstyles.

This year Afropunk hosted their first official festival in Africa, at the infamous Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa. South Africans were invited to showcase their African identity through their fashion. A common theme for the festival was to find innovative ways of communicating ones African identity through things like African Material, body paint, beading, makeup and so on.

The Afropunk festival encourages its audience to find creative and innovative ways of communicating their identity through their fashion. They are also encouraged to accessorize their outfits according to their liking. The accessories were not particularly African inspired, but created a beautiful contrast that allowed each item or piece of clothing to stand out beautifully. All in all the festival focused on celebrating the diversity of its audience.




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