Ways to match your african woven basket bag with chic african fashion looks

Ssanyu S

Posted on January 08 2018

African bloggers have transformed and recreated the aesthetics behind the african woven basket bag. The african woven basket bag is traditionally used to store food, fabric and raw materials purchased from the market. This year the african woven basket bag was revolutionized into a beautiful accessory that has the ability to compliment, and enhance an entire outfit, including african printed outfits.

African print pants with handwoven basket

The bag can be paired with almost everything, because of the versatile role it is able to play with an outfit.

Not only has the traditional use of the woven basket been revolutionized but also the aesthetics and the style of the actual design of the bag has been adapted, and changed to create more styles for a larger target audience. It has the ability to dress down or dress up an outfit. Bloggers like Asiyami Gold, Lulama, and Aisha Baker have all made use of these "made in africa" woven bags.

African bag with african print dress

If you are in Africa, or any Mediterranean country you can purchase any woven bag from the market, and make it your own. If you are in Kenya make sure you purchase one from their markets, because the Kenyans are known for their beautiful Kenyan trademark basket bags, also known as "kiondoo".

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