How to make your African prints stay in good condition for longer

Ssanyu S

Posted on February 14 2018

Taking care of you African print garment is the most important factor one needs to consider when purchasing an African print garment. Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you maintain the condition of your African print garment. 

1. Test the colour fastness of the material.

Before you wash you African print garment, make sure you test the colour fastness of the material.

Testing the colour fastness of the material means to test the quality of the material, and whether or not the colour of the material runs when being washed. You can test the colour fastness of the material by wetting a piece of white material, and placing it against the African print material. Once you have done this, iron the white material that is placed on top of the African print garment, if you lift the white material and the African print material has been transferred onto white material, this means that you should separate this specific material from your other African print garment. 

2. Turn you African Print Garments inside out before you wash them 

3. Hand/Machine wash your African print garment

Hand wash: There are a number of detergents  you can use when washing your African print garments, but you need to make sure that you do not put too much detergent in your clothes. If you do not have any detergents you can soak your African print garments in salt, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. When washing your garments make sure you only clean the necessary areas. You do not need to wash the entire garment, but can focus on specific areas like the armpit, neck, and crotch area. Ensure that you use cold water, or water temperature that does not exceed 30⁰C

Machine wash: When machine washing your African print garment ensure that you use mild washing powder, temperature that does not exceed 30⁰C, and that you use the 'non-spin' or 'hand wash' option. 

4. Dry Cleaners

Taking your African Print Garments to the dry cleaners is another option you can choose, but make sure that the laundry mat you are taking your African print garments to, have experience with African Print Garments.

5. Line Dry

Line dry out your African Print Garments, and make sure they are not under direct sunlight. 

6. Do not over wash your African Print Garment

African Print Garments are not supposed to be washed every time you wear them. Make sure that you only wash the garments when they are stained or begin to smell. 

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