Cute African Headwrap Styles

Ssanyu S

Posted on January 11 2018

The African print Head Wrap has become a staple item in the wardrobe of the African woman. The african print head wrap has many uses and can be worn at almost every occasion.


Head wraps are worn to complement or enhance an entire outfit. They can be worn alongside your hair, or it can completely cover your hair. Because the african print head wrap can be styled and applied differently, most woman wear their head wraps as a means of enhancing or showcasing their personality through their wardrobe.

Most people like to think that the material of your head wrap and outfit need to be the same, when indeed this is not the case. The african print on the head wrap can either completely contrast or match the color or pattern of the outfit. When looking at choosing the right head wrap for your outfit consider the following; is your outfit formal or informal? Are there any complimentary colors or patterns in your outfit that you can contrast in your head wrap?

The beautiful thing about the head wrap is that it can be worn everywhere simply because of the versatility of the application of the head wrap. If you would like to learn how to style your head wrap in different styles, make sure you check out head wrap tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest and on Instagram . If you would like to purchase a head wrap , make sure you check out our cute african inspired head wraps in our products section

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