The African Jumpsuit

Ssanyu S

Posted on January 05 2018

Jumpsuits have always been a necessity to every woman’s wardrobe, whether it be a short, long, formal or casual, for summer or winter. No matter the occasion jumpsuits have and will always have the ability to compliment whoever is wearing them. 

The African Print jumpsuit has revolutionized the ordinary jumpsuit, and has indeed taken the ordinary jumpsuit to new heights. 

There are three types of jumpsuits:

1. The formal jumpsuit can be used at weddings, events and birthday parties . You will notice that these jumpsuits are normally long and are known to make use of a cape, or extended arms. Many woman have worn African Print jumpsuits for their weddings or big events. They are normally paired up with big hair, or very neat hair, elaborate jewelry and a very simple shoe. There is an elegance a woman carries when wearing a formal African jumpsuit, and it’s advised that she does not over accessorize her outfit so that she does not draw attention away from the outfit.



2. The smart casual jumpsuit is used dinners, meetings, fashion weeks and birthdays. The smart casual jumpsuit is normally long, or 3/4 but makes use of short sleeves. You can pair this outfit with heels, sneakers or flats (depending on your event). This jumpsuit can always be dressed up or down according to the application of accessories. The jumpsuit has always been known to compliment , and hug the body. Most of these jumpsuits have pockets which make the jumpsuit very practical. The reason this jumpsuit has become very popular is because the jumpsuit can be easily made, it does not need a lot of material, and it has the ability to be worn almost everywhere and anywhere. You can accessorise this outfit with chunky jewelry, bold earrings, a bold lip, big or neat hair, wedges or flats. The jumpsuit can be accessorized according to your personality . The trick is to have fun with your outfit and accessories it according to your personality.

Chicamastyle african print jumpsuit

3. The summer jumpsuit is usually made from bright and bold african print fabrics. The jumpsuit is known for its fun personality and can be worn for summer events , parties or festivals . Most woman like to pair them with heels, flats or sneakers depending on which shoe compliments the entire outfit . 

The emphasis on the African jumpsuits is to have fun, play around and accessories your outfit according to your personality. Have fun, be creative and showcase your personality!


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