The minimalist guide to African fashion and styling

Ssanyu S

Posted on March 01 2018

In the past one would never associate/marry the Minimalist fashion movement with the African fashion movement, but the Afro-Minimalist fashion movement is taking the world by storm. The Afro-Minimalist fashion movement is the combination of Minimalism and Africanism applied through fashion. People all over the world are adapting this new movement in more than just their fashion. Here are a few things you should consider when trying to put together an Afro-Minimalist look/wardrobe. 


1. Clothing

When it comes to picking the right African print garment, always look for edgy, unconventional designs. Over the top ruffles, belts, sleeves, or over sized shirts, skirts and trousers are your best options.

2. Accessories

Gold, BOLD, organic, and BIG accessories should always be your first choice. Your jewellery should inevitably look like an art piece or ancient African artefact. When it comes to choosing a bag always make sure that you choose an "original" African bag. This meaning that you can use woven bags, or an "Arts & Crafts" inspired bag. Although this may sound a bit strange the bag inevitably add an interesting raw touch to your entire outfit. 



3. Head Wrap

Head wraps are not a must, but when you decide to wear a head wrap, make sure that you do not over do the style of the head wrap. Your head wrap should completely compliment the entire look. Most Afro-Minimalist head wraps are stylistically very long and simple in design. They elongate the height of the person who has chosen to wear the head wrap.


4. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important factors when it comes to finishing off the entire look. When looking at choosing shoes always choose the most unconventional shoes, wether it be because of the pattern or shape of the shoe. Your shoes are supposed to make a statement.


5. Hair

You need to be able to wear your hair like a crown. When looking at choosing the right hair piece go for something that clearly communicates your personality. Your hair style becomes an extension of your identity. Never be afraid of trying out alternative hair styles. 


6. Colours

The beauty about Afro-Minimalism is that your colour selection is not as limiting as it would be if you were trying to follow the Minimalist movement. Afro-Minimalism flourishes in it's colour combination, and clashes. You can rock almost every colour, but make sure you have at least one main colour to contrast against.


7. Makeup

Makeup for the Afro minimalist movement is very plain and simple. Your foundation should be very natural and dewy. You can either decide to wear a very natural lip and eyeshadow or you can switch It up and wear something very bold.

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